The Stories Behind the Pictures Lost in the Lampost

Item found: Destroyed by Owner

Smashed and rusted the old white lamppost lays on the ground, being overtaken by the elements. It once served a great purpose and was destroyed by the very one who loved it… Rose was the girl who lived on the corner of Sunstar Avenue. She lived in a beautiful white house with many windows, and a front yard that was vividly green, and cleanly cut. But her favorite thing about her home was the white light post on the street corner by the side of her house. It was big and shimmered like its was magical, which in deed it was. Rose and her best friend Jasmine found out in 8th grade that touching the symbol at the base of the lamppost, took you anywhere you could imagine. Jasmine lived next door, and the two had many adventures, traveling in time, going to places no-one has ever seen or thought of. It was the best 5 years of their lives, but college was around the corner, and the girls we moving out of their homes. The two were going to two different out of state schools and knew that their adventures were coming to an end. The day came where they had to leave their childhood fantasies behind, the girls went to the lamppost each holding a rock looking up at the beautiful, magical light. “Are you ready Jaz?” Rose asks. Jasmine sighs,“Yeh, I guess,” and smiles. They raise the rocks and slung them at the fragile glass. They ducked as it shatters and came to the ground. Tears sit on the brink of their eyes as they watch their years of memories come crashing down. But the girls agreed that their adventures should stay kept secret, and be left untouched just as a memory of time. And so the lamppost sat, never to be used again, only remembering the magic of a friendship it once sustained.

The Lost Lullaby

Item Found: Destroyed by War

For several years 7 year old Landon had heard the beautiful melody of the lullaby Carousel coming from the adjacent window of the Turner’s home. Not only did he admire its music, but the beautiful little girl who played it. Every night Evangeline turned the small knob, and a song would play as she fell asleep. Landon never really knew what it looked like, but of what he could make out, it looked to be a small turning carousel. The carousel’s top was blue and gold, making it easy to see in the window of Evangeline’s house. Night after night he would sit at his window, peeking through a tiny slit in the curtains to get a glimpse of the dark haired girl twirling to the lullaby of the carousel. But then it all disappeared in an instant. A couple years later, the World war waged over London, destroying everything beautiful, and to Landon that meant the girl and the music. One night the bomber planes roared across a dark and gloomy sky and missiles began to fall. In the distance the planes lurked closer to Landon and Evangeline’s homes and to survive they had to flee. However, Landon could not think about anything else, not his friends, not his belongings, not his home, just the girl and the music.

11 Years later…

Landon made his way through the city he once knew as his home, and the damage was still abundant. Even so, the town was slowly coming back to life, and was beginning to teem with new people. He turned down the street he used to play on, he used to walk to school on, and finally found the remains of his old home, alongside Evangeline’s. He walked over the rubble wishing to find it, hoping somehow it was still there. He lifted up a few wooden frames, and a glimpse of blue found the sunlight among the singed remnants. Landon had found the top of the small carousel he had only seen from afar for so long. If he stood still enough, if the wind did not blow, he felt he could hear the same enchanting refrain of the lost lullaby.

Time Takes it Toll

Item Found: Buried and Exhumed

Henry and Arleen were a kind, old couple that had been married for 62 years. They lived in the countryside of Tennessee, in a small blue house on a hill. The couple had lived in the house for 48 years and never had a thought about leaving it. But suddenly, Henry passed away due to a heart attack, which his time worn body could not fight, and the house grew dimmer. In the two years following again the house lost it’s spirit. Arleen had passed away from her old age, leaving the little blue house empty and alone. The house then sat in dust on the property and was withered away by time.

Then came an occasion when the city needed more land to support the growing population of Tennessee, and developers decided the house was in the way of an important road that would enter into a neighborhood. Sure enough, without a thought, the house was destroyed and a road was paved over the spot where the little blue house once stood.

7 Years Later…

As the community grew and grew over the years the road became crowded and the mayor declared a new and wider road was to be installed. As they tore up the old pavement and scraped through the dirt, a man named Dane discovered an old and broken clock that had been buried by the roads. On the back of the clock were two names, Henry and Arleen of The Little Blue House. Dane was fascinated about this and could not forget about the clock or the memory of this old blue house. He felt like something told him to replace what had been lost, and restore what time had taken. And now next to the road on the hill sits another little blue house. And on the little white mailbox out front was painted Henry and Arleen of The Little Blue House. It was like time had been turned back once again.


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