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"You get mad when you don't

have your camera with you."

The Who

Hello! My name is Jaden and I am a photographer from Celina Texas. I draw inspiration from everything around me and channel that into my work! I have been taking pictures since I was about nine years old, and have never looked back. It all really took off in the 7th grade when I had a project called Genius Hour. I had to pick a topic I was passionate about and create something from it. For me the passion was photography, and the creation was my printed photos.

The How

Although I still have a lot to learn, I have studied the profession, read a few books, attended a summer camp in Nashville, and learned what a camera really is. To put it simply, it is just a box, a mirror, and a hole. The camera doesn't know anything, you have to be its guide. I have worked with pinholes, film development, and even hand-made canvas prints.  I love to take pictures if you couldn't tell, and I bring my camera with me just about everywhere. I hate to look back and say, "I wish I could have taken a picture of that." I thoroughly enjoy shooting nature, landscapes, flowers, and animals and although they can be a challenge, animals can be easier to shoot than some people. However, I love a challenge and that is what being a photographer is about. You have to be determined, extremely patient, and very intentional in what you do.

The Why

Being able to photograph things has given me a great appreciation for the world around me. It also provides a platform for me to share my faith. I think the most amazing thing to look at is found standing in a field in the middle of a huge Texas sky, looking at the stars. If God cared enough to create something so amazing as the stars in the sky, then who's to say He doesn't care for me. Since God created these things to be so beautiful and so purposeful, that is what I believe He has called me to reflect in my work. 

"There is always a different way to look at one subject. A different angle, a different focus, that can change the entire perspective of a work into something more amazing than ever before. "

-Jaden M.




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