Through the Lens

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

There is something that makes photography especially amazing. It is not the pictures that come out of it, but it's more of what I see through the lens that reminds me why being a photographer is so important.

It is not always easy caring a camera around your neck. It makes you immediately responsible for capturing a moment, and it is not invariably convenient. You always have to be thinking about the lighting, the shutter speed, the composition. However there is one thing that reminds me that even when what I see in the camera is not what I want, everything through the lens still beautiful and unique.

Faith in Photography

I use photography as a platform to share what I believe in a way that shows the beauty of the world around us. You can see God in the trees, in the stars, in sun, and especially in the smiles of the people who view my work. Of course I can't take credit for everything. When someone asks me how I took a picture I tell the "with my camera and myself." The rest of the picture is made by God. He created our world and everything in it, giving us the opportunity to live, to enjoy, to stand in awe, and to capture what he has given us.


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